New Range of Plush Teddy Bears

Have a look at the newest range of promotional teddy bears from Partridge Peartree.

The perfect cuddly promotional item to promote your brand. With a range of different hoodies branded with your logo and different animals this is the perfect plush promotional product!

Contact Joe at Partridge for more info, he will be happy to help!

Fighting the war on waste – one travel mug at a time


Jump on the Reusable Coffee Cup Bandwagon!

You can do your part by jumping on the reusable coffee cup bandwagon! Branded travel mugs and flasks make a great promotional gift for loyal or top customers. They can be used as employee milestone gifts or incentives, event giveaways and business meeting gifts. As long as you create suitable imagery and branding for your environment and for the recipients, travel mugs offer cost-effective exposure for your brand. Promoting your brand to all who catch a glimpse of their morning coffee, your customers and staff will be happy to use their free gift and will love you just a little bit more!


If you are looking for new ideas on how to gift or incentivise your employees then have a think about a more premium style that they will really treasure


Similarly, customers should be gifted with a more premium travel mug if you are intending to send a message of gratitude for their loyalty. The gift should match their perceived value to your business.


Think about the event and your audience when you choose your drinkware gift for exhibitions. You will want to stand out from the crowd in your own way, whilst staying true to your brand and your company image.


Looking to impress a client or potential client? Put yourself in their shoes and think about the type of gift that would impress you.



Mintel’s Coffee Shop Report (2016) discovered that 58% of coffee drinkers would like coffee shops to offer a discount if they use their own travel mugs.


Think about the mugs that office workers have at their desks, how can you replicate this? Consumers will want to buy & reuse a travel mug featuring a quote or imagery that they can relate to, or something that makes them smile.


Do your own customer research or analyse secondary data to gain insight into your customer base. What values do they hold? Will a charity donation for every reusable mug purchase or use float their boat? Will a stamp card do the trick? How about a free cookie?

Discounts, incentives and an attractive range of travel mugs can all work to encourage your customers to make the switch.


Companies of all sizes have been experimenting with their own offerings. Starbucks is trialling a 5p charge on disposable cups in around 25 of their central London outlets for 3 months from February. Sandwich chain “Eat” states it uses only compostable cups and is working on a solution for their lids, and McDonald’s has installed recycling units in around 80% of its UK stores. Most companies are yet to take action but this needs to change if we are going kick our annual 25-tonne waste mountain habit!


Why Promotional Umbrellas Are One Of The Most Enduring Promotional Products

A custom umbrella offers a number of things to a company than just keeping your clients/employees or any other visitor to your premises dry, a promotional umbrella can be used for much more. 


Tell me of another promotional item that can be carried around as easy as an umbrella with the same size print area that an umbrella can offer? there isn’t one. With a high percentage of umbrellas being made in the UK, this allows for larger print areas than a standard screen print. All over dye sublimation, pantone matching to your own specific colour can also be achieved on short lead times of only 1-2 weeks (or even quicker if required).


As well as city use a number of other reason to use a promotional umbrella would be as follows;


  • Mass outreach at low cost
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Alternative business card
  • Powerful marketing platform


Tactile with a long lifespan


We also see an umbrella as a promotional item that can stand the test of time, yes there are Budget umbrellas that do exactly what it says on the tin and can be used for one-off events but, as is the same with anything in life you get what you pay for and if you want to get your brand out there we would always recommend an umbrella with storm proof ribs.


These umbrellas have specially designed ribs that when blown inside out, can be brought back into shape without breaking thus meaning that a longer lifespan is achieved and your name can be branded out and about for years to come 


In conclusion, there are a lot of great promotional items out there but for us, a promotional umbrella is second to none and if its huge Brand exposure and long-lasting merchandise you are looking for, a promotional umbrella is an item for you.


5 TOP branded travel accessories when you are on the go!

Whether for business or pleasure, travel can be relaxing, fun and adventurous – or exhausting, frustrating, and boring. Your experience can depend on many factors, some of them can be helped and controlled.

You can control – or at least minimise – many of the inevitable inconveniences with some advance preparation and the right equipment!

Phone dying or laptop battery fading? Our Power Banks can come to the rescue! Can’t stand your teenage daughter taste of music? Why not give her a pair of headphones? Travelling abroad? Don’t forget the travel adaptors or bulk USB chargers!

You get the picture – there are products out there that will solve most travel problems with a minimal investment. You can be organised, comfortable, and ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination!

Check out our list – you might just find something to eliminate those travel headaches:


Branded Travelling Car Kit

A branded kit of travelling gadgets! Keep your mobile devices charged and mounted in the car. Plus, use a powerful LED torch for when you stop at night.

A car charger plugs into your cigarette lighter to charge all types of mobile devices via USB. It has two USB ports and output of 2.1A to charge simultaneously two devices. A universal phone car holder comes in two versions: plastic that simply clips into your car air vents or chrome metal alloy with powerful magnets to stick to the dashboard and ensures a firm hold on your mobile phone.

Power Bank

This often life saving device is one of the must haves for the holiday season! Whether you are travelling round the globe, camping, or going to festival- power bank can help you stay in touch with loved ones, send photos, updates, emails etc.

This carabiner power bank has a black painted surface with an attractive rubber feel and a rather special mirror finish engraved logo.


As the family holiday season approaches and we go away with our cherubs, it could be a good idea to get them a pair of headphones. When travelling in the car or staying in same hotel room, we may want to listen to different music, watch other films online or just get some privacy whilst talking on the phone. Of course, with so many options available, it’s tough to know what to choose!

Partridge Peartree recommend this folding pair with padded over-ear ear cups, which gives a clearer sound and less ambient noise. They can be used on smartphones, tablets and all the other music players with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Travel Adaptor

How many times did you pack your mobile phone charger or hairdryer only to realise that you can’t use them whilst you are abroad? Wrong plug equals no charge! Travel adaptors are hence vital when you travel abroad! This Travel Adaptor with a single USB charging is available in either white or black and makes the ideal companion for any traveler! It is compatible in over 150 different worldwide countries.

Mobile device adaptor

This multi device charging cable is ideal when on the go! You can devise you own fully custom mould for this mobile device charging adaptor cable. It is ideal for smartphones and most portable gadgets since it has a iPhone 5/6 Lightning cable, iPhone 4 30-Pin cable, Micro-USB cable & USB cable. One of our top selling travel accessories.






7 Ways to Market your Business using Branded Merchandise


Match Promos With Major Events

Promotional products shouldn’t just be trinkets that sit around in office storage most of the time. It’s much better to plan around events that you can link your brand too with the right promotional products.

This could be an industry-specific event, like the anniversary of a successful product launch. It could also be an event that has nothing to do with your industry but captivates people around the world.

For example, as the most recent solar eclipse viewable from North America approached, some companies put out branded eclipse glasses. These items were fun, useful, and memorable, creating a positive association with the brand.

With enough creativity, many events can turn into opportunities to use promo products! Planning ahead lets you design products that people will really use and associate with something they enjoy.

Connect With Niche Interests

You know your target audience well — what they do, what they like, what they’re into. So why not create products that will be appreciated by them more than anyone else?

For many people, their personal interests feel like something that makes them part of an exclusive club. Maybe you have a boutique music store, and your audience is passionate about playing the guitar, for example.

Anyone can use a branded pen or notepad, and these are great choices for a general audience. But high-quality branded guitar picks will be something that’s valuable to your target market in particular.

Reach Out to Influencers

You don’t have to wait for people to approach you to give them promo products. Instead, these items can be a proactive way to put your company in connection with the people you need on your side.

For example, a great way to connect with an influencer or a brand you want to partner with is to start the conversation by sending over a promo item. Include a note that lets them know you’d love to start working with them, and what the first steps of your partnership could look like. You can also send branded products to potential leads who need a nudge to move forward.

This starts things out on the right foot. They’ll already have a positive association with your brand once they’re holding one of your coolest branded products.

Try Branded Flash Drives and Other Tech Gear

For many young or tech-savvy customers, a branded USB flash drive is another great way to connect.

In fact, flash drives aren’t exactly new-fangled technology, so they can work well for marketing to audiences of all sorts. They don’t cost much and are often useful for your customers. They can also be filled with exclusive content from your brand, like videos, product demos, and more.

Other useful, easy-to-use tech gear also makes for a great promo product. From speakers to multi-port USB adaptors, this is one of the best ways to get creative while offering tons of value to the people who receive these items.

Create a Rewards Program

Your branded products can become part of a company rewards or loyalty program.

Many businesses offer rewards programs that involve discounts and giveaways. Why not make some of those giveaways your top branded products?

To make this strategy work well, create a tiered system, and let people see what’s at the top of the tier. For example, the customers who rack up the most loyalty points in a given month could be put in a drawing for a highly desirable branded item. These items can be anything from tech goods to big giveaway packages.

At the bottom of the tier, you can offer smaller but still interesting items, like a branded iPad case. If customers can see the cool goods they’re working towards, and what they’ll get along the way, they’re more likely to become active members of the loyalty program.

Exchange Products for Referrals

Promotional products are a great rewards system to help you get the leads you really want. When an existing customer offers you a new possible lead, why not reward them with one of your coveted promo products?

Of course, you’ll need to make sure those leads are real and workable. For example, you might send out a branded product to a customer who gets a friend to sign up for your email newsletter. This encourages people to share your brand with their social circles, expanding your reach in an organic way.

Promote Products on Social Media

Finally, one great way to use promo products wisely is to promote your social media accounts with them.

All you need to do is print whichever social media link you want to promote on the product itself. You could also bring people to the social media page using a QR code, or give out your branded items only after they follow the desired account.

What Will You Do With Promo Products?

There are countless great ways to use promo products to drive new customers to your business. This is just a start. With a little creativity, these products will open up all kinds of new opportunities for your company.


Commemorative Coin for The Chieftan’s Walk

Recently we produced a number of commemorative coins for a local event called  The Chieftan’s Walk. These were used to raise money for the Foyle Hospice in the memory of Martin McGuinness who was a prominent figure in Northern Ireland politics.

His family were pictured in a local paper promoting the event alongside the commemorative coin which was used an incentive tool to encourage people to join the walk and then they would receive a coin in return for entering.


You can see the picture and article below.

The family of Martin McGuinness have unveiled the special memento which will be presented to all those who will be signing up for this year’s Chieftain’s Walk. The bespoke commemorative

coin features an image of legendary Ulster warrior Cú Chulainn and Free Derry Corner. Bernie Mc Guinness said: “Just like the medal last year, this will be a unique memento for everyone who registers to take part. “Obviously, only so many are being produced so signing up for the Chieftain’s Walk is the only way to guarantee this special keepsake,” she added. “All proceeds from the this year’s Chieftain’s Walk will go to the Foyle Hospice and the Intensive Care Unit at Altnagelvin Hospital, both considered fantastic facilities by the North West community.


Last year’s Chieftain’s Walk to Grianan of Aileach, an iconic building in the Burt area of Inishowen which Martin was particularly fond of visiting, raised in the region of £30,000 which was a sensational effort. This year’s route, while not as demanding as the steep hill up to Grianan, will depart from Ebrington Square travelling to the Brandywell area. The regeneration of Ebrington was always high on Martin’s “to do list,” while his fondness of the Brandywell area, which houses both the Celtic Park Stadium and the Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium, both sporting venues which he visited on a regular basis.


Bernie McGuinness concluded: “Whether you are able to take part on the walk or not, the organisers of the event would encourage as many people as possible to sign up online as soon as possible, as both local charities will still benefit and those registered will receive the commemorative coin.” The 2019 Chieftain’s Walk will get underway this Sunday, March 24, at 1:30 p.m. from Ebrington Square and finish in the Brandywell area.

Branded RFID Contactless Card Shields

Why a branded plastic card shield is an ideal promotional product.

With lots of RFID products out there it is important to look into the effectiveness of the solutions on offer. The truly ethical RFID shielding providers usually hold patents in the technology, thus offering Promo Distributors, and their clients, Freedom to Trade free from Patent infringement.

An RFID contactless card shield can take many forms such as a pure giveaway card at events/mailshot, marketing/messaging tool, a membership card, a hotel room key or as a Business Card be seen every day and not thrown away or placed in a dark drawer or holder.

The use of an RFID shielding card helps to reduce personal data theft, double charging and accidental payment.

Offering your clients a truly useful and needed added benefit to the clients they wish to attract or retain and also capturing the front of wallet positioning.

Emotional pull and educational

With the rise of accidental payment and crime for contactless theft your client will not only thank you for this product, you will also hit the emotional trigger within your client and your brand will not be forgotten and seen every time they open their wallet or purse.

This will protect them from Accidental Payment and skimming.

One of the apps available to criminals is Free to load using Android App stores which reads contactless credit card from close range, however, this is not the only method and criminals have become sophisticated quickly and for not too much cost.

You are educating your client and helping them help their customers, now is the time to reach your customers with this promotional product!

Conference Products from Partridge Peartree

Here at Partridge, our range of branded promotional products can help you be ready for any conference or event.

Need to make sure your representatives all look like part of the same team? Our range of Lanyards can be branded to suit any corporate identity. We also supply a wide range of lanyard extras, like card holders. Perfect for identity cards, business cards or event timetables.

Do you want your visitors to walk away with a digital brochure of all your products? Our USBs come in a whole range of styles and sizes. We can preload them with your data too. PDF brochures, movies, images and even links to your website.

Or perhaps you just need to make sure your customers can carry your printed brochures home easily? Our range of bags is sure to have something perfect for your price range and brand identity. We can supply kraft paper bags or cotton totes and even high quality luxury gift bags.

If you need anything else, our branding experts are here to help with all your requests. So if you have something specific in mind, talk to us and let’s see how we at Partridge Peartree can help you promote your brand.

Garments Fit For A Champion

Recently we produced t shirts for a local athlete, Stacey Sloan – pictured below with Marc Desmond..

Stacey is a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and fights out of Team Torres in Northern Ireland here in Derry.

Stacey came to us with the request of sponsoring her by supplying a number of t shirts for her to wear at her next event which was the European IBJJF Jiu-Jjitsu Championship in Lisbon, Portugal. We were more than happy to support Stacey and supplied her with technical t shirts which were branded with dye sublimation designs and featured the logos of her sponsors.

Stacey went on to win Gold in a fantastic bout, winning by a formidable submission against her opponent.

We would like to say Well Done to Stacey and many congratulations on all your hard work and training, it has all paid off. Next stop the World Championships!

Deluxe Laminated Paper Gift Bags

Here we have some of the gift bags we produced for the Annual President’s Dinner for the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce. These gift bags add a touch of class to your event.

With their full colour digital print, matt laminate finish and the rope handles they have huge perceived value and are a great token to hand special recipients making them feel honoured to receive them.

Contact us today for more details on our laminated gift bags and check out our wide range of promotional gifts for your event or celebration.