7 Ways to Market your Business using Branded Merchandise


Match Promos With Major Events

Promotional products shouldn’t just be trinkets that sit around in office storage most of the time. It’s much better to plan around events that you can link your brand too with the right promotional products.

This could be an industry-specific event, like the anniversary of a successful product launch. It could also be an event that has nothing to do with your industry but captivates people around the world.

For example, as the most recent solar eclipse viewable from North America approached, some companies put out branded eclipse glasses. These items were fun, useful, and memorable, creating a positive association with the brand.

With enough creativity, many events can turn into opportunities to use promo products! Planning ahead lets you design products that people will really use and associate with something they enjoy.

Connect With Niche Interests

You know your target audience well — what they do, what they like, what they’re into. So why not create products that will be appreciated by them more than anyone else?

For many people, their personal interests feel like something that makes them part of an exclusive club. Maybe you have a boutique music store, and your audience is passionate about playing the guitar, for example.

Anyone can use a branded pen or notepad, and these are great choices for a general audience. But high-quality branded guitar picks will be something that’s valuable to your target market in particular.

Reach Out to Influencers

You don’t have to wait for people to approach you to give them promo products. Instead, these items can be a proactive way to put your company in connection with the people you need on your side.

For example, a great way to connect with an influencer or a brand you want to partner with is to start the conversation by sending over a promo item. Include a note that lets them know you’d love to start working with them, and what the first steps of your partnership could look like. You can also send branded products to potential leads who need a nudge to move forward.

This starts things out on the right foot. They’ll already have a positive association with your brand once they’re holding one of your coolest branded products.

Try Branded Flash Drives and Other Tech Gear

For many young or tech-savvy customers, a branded USB flash drive is another great way to connect.

In fact, flash drives aren’t exactly new-fangled technology, so they can work well for marketing to audiences of all sorts. They don’t cost much and are often useful for your customers. They can also be filled with exclusive content from your brand, like videos, product demos, and more.

Other useful, easy-to-use tech gear also makes for a great promo product. From speakers to multi-port USB adaptors, this is one of the best ways to get creative while offering tons of value to the people who receive these items.

Create a Rewards Program

Your branded products can become part of a company rewards or loyalty program.

Many businesses offer rewards programs that involve discounts and giveaways. Why not make some of those giveaways your top branded products?

To make this strategy work well, create a tiered system, and let people see what’s at the top of the tier. For example, the customers who rack up the most loyalty points in a given month could be put in a drawing for a highly desirable branded item. These items can be anything from tech goods to big giveaway packages.

At the bottom of the tier, you can offer smaller but still interesting items, like a branded iPad case. If customers can see the cool goods they’re working towards, and what they’ll get along the way, they’re more likely to become active members of the loyalty program.

Exchange Products for Referrals

Promotional products are a great rewards system to help you get the leads you really want. When an existing customer offers you a new possible lead, why not reward them with one of your coveted promo products?

Of course, you’ll need to make sure those leads are real and workable. For example, you might send out a branded product to a customer who gets a friend to sign up for your email newsletter. This encourages people to share your brand with their social circles, expanding your reach in an organic way.

Promote Products on Social Media

Finally, one great way to use promo products wisely is to promote your social media accounts with them.

All you need to do is print whichever social media link you want to promote on the product itself. You could also bring people to the social media page using a QR code, or give out your branded items only after they follow the desired account.

What Will You Do With Promo Products?

There are countless great ways to use promo products to drive new customers to your business. This is just a start. With a little creativity, these products will open up all kinds of new opportunities for your company.