Why should I have branded uniform for my company?


In many industries, such as retail, a uniformed member of staff could be the very first direct interaction your prospective customers have with your brand. Making sure it’s presented in the right way and most importantly memorable, will be a step in securing your prospective client as a brand fanatic.

So, why do customers respond to a branded uniform over any other representation? It’s the familiarity. A good interaction with a friendly member of staff will be attributed to the logo on your shirt. This is down to basic human nature, we crave the ability to humanise every kind of entity we encounter. Therefore, having a branded uniform on a real-life person adds a human touch to your organisation, enabling your customers to feel like they are building a relationship with a local personality that cares about them, as opposed to a faceless corporation.


Shared Goals

The benefits of a branded uniform aren’t just outward, they have an equally positive inward effect on your team, increasing cohesiveness and morale and letting them buy into your brand message. Without delving too far into psychology again, uniform applies to another quirk of human nature, the need for inclusivity.

Evolution has had numerous influences on our subconscious and natural psyche, one element of this is seeing a group as an opportunity to bolster our own chances of survival. While this no longer holds true in many parts of the world, it still explains why certain aspects of marketing and branding have such a recognisable effect on us; such as a branded uniform.

Inside a business, a branded uniform creates unity amongst staff members, they are no longer 100 individual employees; with everyone flying the same colours and logos they become a singular unit, a work force. It helps your staff to feel that their goals are aligned and that they are being bought into the wider business, they have something in common with their counterpart in a branch 400 miles across the country.